Portfolio profitability data was added to the UTEX interface

We have added the PnL (“Profit and Loss”) data to the UTEX exchange interface. To calculate the indicator, the price of the latest stock market transaction is used.

The profit value is shown in dollars for each asset separately on the UTEX user balance, be it crypto-currency or pre-IPO futures. And the current profitability of the entire portfolio is available in the "My wallets" section.

You can check the PnL using the following options:

1. In a simple trading interface.

2. In the extended version of the trading screen.

3. In the "Wallets" section – in the lines specifying each asset with a non-zero balance. 

4. In the same section, on top of the Wallets list, the total profit value is indicated.

5. In the mobile version of the exchange, on the asset page and in the "Wallets" section.