And get a 30% discount on commissions on UT Investment

We are getting ready for the launch of UTT token for commission payment at utex.io и unitedtraders.com this autumn and announcing the first promotion that will apply throughout the whole of September. Any user is entitled to a 30% discount on commissions if they hold 1,000 UTT tokens in their account.

What you get

30% discount if you are paying any commission for investments made in September.

30% discount on success fee for investments in IPO and OTC that were opened in September. The discount can be applied regardless of the closing date of investment.

How to do it

For 30 September 2019, you need to hold 1,000 UTT tokens for two weeks. If you have no tokens in your account, the replenishment deadline is 16 September 2019 23:59:59 by Moscow time.

Accepted for holding:

  • UTT tokens in United Traders account. You can buy them on the outside market (HitBTC) and replenish your account. You don’t have to buy anything if you have enough tokens in your account.
  • UTT tokens bought through an investment idea «Buy UTT» on the UT Investment platform.

How it works

A discount will be applied through the return of the commissions paid in September and at a later date.

Users that fulfill all the conditions will get 30% of the commission paid in September within 7 days after the promotion ends (until 23:59:59 7 October 2019).

At a later date users will get their commissions back in the same manner — within 7 days.

Other conditions

  • The discount doesn’t apply to the investors that have individual commission conditions on the UT Investment platform.
  • Tokens held on external addresses of the Ethereum network are not accepted.

How to get a discount if you don’t have UTT

  1. Use this link: unitedtraders.com/investments
  2. Invest in Buy UTT until 23:59:59 16.09.2019
  3. Don’t close your investment until 23:59:59 30.09.2019

The price of 1,000 UTT is calculated by using the formula: x$ = UTT price $*1.3*1000

For instance, if the price is 0,5$ you get 650$; for 0,7$ you get 910$, for 1$ you get 1300$.

The biggest amount in your application for purchasing UTT is limited to $5,000.