In Progress. Issue 4: UTEX on track to completion 

The beta testing of the cryptocurrency exchange is running, and you still have a chance to apply and become an early user.

The UTEX exchange is inching closer to the release date. Since October, the platform has been in beta and we continue to invite users who want to help us fix the remaining bugs. This issue reveals the improvements we made for the last 3 months.

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Assets and trading

  • We’ve added XRP coin for deposits, withdrawals, and trading.
  • We’ve fixed the error on the trading screen that appeared when the information about prices, balances, etc. would stop updating.
  • We’ve fixed the display of charts on iPhones.
  • The mobile version now by default shows the price chart for the last 7 days, with an interval of 1 hour.
  • When you made a deposit with XRP tokens, you used to see a button for data copying only for the address bar, now you’ll also see a destination tag button. We’ve added the «copy» feature for the rest of the cryptocurrencies.

Deposits and withdrawals

  • The limitless deposit is now displayed as the infinity symbol (∞) rather than as a very large number.
  • We’ve fixed the issue that prevented the addresses for ETH deposits and the options of funds withdrawal from showing to some users.
  • The mobile version now shows the status of rejected withdrawals.
  • The value of the asset’s amount available for withdrawal now shows without rounding. The rounding could cause the actual balance to become less than it was shown and it was impossible to withdraw the full amount.
  • We’ve removed the error that occurred after entering the one-time code when confirming the withdrawal (the withdrawal window had to be reopened).
  • Now wherever there is a percentage change in asset’s price, this value is displayed with two decimal places.

Transactions History

  • We’ve fixed the issue that prevented the incorrect deposit transactions dates in the «History» section of UTEX mobile from showing.
  • Now the request to withdraw funds the link «View my request» leads not to «History» but to the list of open applications.
  • We’ve restored the correct order of orders close to the execution time.
  • We’ve fixed the issue that caused the «History» section to load slowly.
  • We’ve fixed the issue that caused the incorrect display of numbers in the «History» section.
  • Now in the mobile version, when searching for transactions for a certain time period, you will see the transactions with dates including by time (00:00 instead of 23:59).

Limits and KYC

  • We’ve fixed the error that prevented the user from seeing the rejected status of the application for passing KYC Level 2.
  • We’ve fixed the error that caused the application for passing KYC Level 2 to freeze.
  • When processing a user’s application for the next level, the system now registers if the previous level has been passed.


  • When logging into a profile via two-factor authentication, the correct hint of where to look for the additional code now shows.
  • The browser no longer offers to save one-time codes as a password to the profile on the website.
  • We’ve corrected the translation of some texts on the website.
  • We’ve solved the issue that prevented some users from exiting their profile.
  • We’ve fixed the problem with displaying «technical» text in the automated password recovery email.

You can still register in UTEX exchange — just leave your email address on the website. When your turn comes, we will send you an invite.