In Progress. Edition 3: UTEX Update

We are here again with the latest progress updates for the UTEX cryptocurrency exchange. We got through the basic features and started the public beta testing (you can sign up for it here). In this issue, the spotlight is on the enhancements for the existing features and fixing identified bugs.


  • Fixed the endless login loop issue for the main page.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the system to display an incorrect deposit limit after email address confirmation.
  • Fixed a bug where that caused the system to display the UT dollar account when you entered UTEX through an account on, and in the transactions history — only some operations.

Deposit and withdrawal

  • We set fees for the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies and dollars. For cryptocurrencies, the fee is approximately $1. For dollar transfers, the bank charges a fee of approximately $35.
  • There is now a limit on the minimal withdrawal amount — it can’t be less than the fee and is calculated automatically, so you won’t make a mistake.
  • Fixed a bug that caused new users to see the addresses for replenishing cryptocurrencies in the wallets section.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented from showing the purchase error message that appeared at zero coin balance.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a zero withdrawal limit message to show when a user attempted to withdraw tokens.
  • The Ethereum coin withdrawal time has been reduced (to less than 2 minutes) due to an increase in the price of «gas».
  • Fixed a bug that caused a failed transaction message to show when the user attempted to make a deposit via the trading page.
  • We adjusted the appearance of the icons of account deposit types in the mobile version, which earlier caused the user to choose the option of depositing funds via the main account instead of via card.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented from showing the error message when the user attempted to buy a coin he didn’t have in his account.

Personal identification

  • The documents uploaded by the user at the second KYC stage are now processed automatically, rather than manually.
  • Fixed the prompts about the limits when the user made deposits at the third KYC level.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the list of countries on the page of applying for the second level KYC to disappear after refreshing the page.
  • Fixed the statuses of the completion of the fourth KYC level.


  • Restored the option of chart view with a period of 24 hours or less.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a cropped display of the price chart if the curve crossed the upper or lower border.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the smartphones to display a white screen when the user pressed on the coin’s name on the chart screen.
  • Changed the periods and intervals of the charts.

Transactions history

  • Fixed a bug that in the transactions history caused Amount and Price to show 0 instead of the correct values.
  • Adjusted the display of transactions in the history section on smartphones.
  • The transactions history no longer shows failed deposit attempts.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented iPhone users from closing the pop-up window with transaction details in the history section.
  • Restored the correct sorting of transactions in the history section.


  • Minor enhancements in the wallets section on smartphones


  • In compliance with legal requirements, added the «Risk Statement» on the UTEX website.


We are still inviting everyone who wishes to join the beta testing of UTEX. The beta testing is about seeing the cryptocurrency exchange in action and uncovering the bugs ahead of its public release. Coming soon!