New roadmap for UTEX

The competition for traders is set for the 4th quarter this year.

We have updated the roadmap of the United Traders Exchange (UTEX) cryptocurrency exchange. The original plan was approved in 2017. The roadmap deadlines had to be pushed back as fixing some technical issues took longer than expected.

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We attempted to launch UTEX on April 25 along with the competition for traders, which would showcase the load capabilities of the platform. But with 20,000 users accessing the exchange at the same time, it was knocked out. As a result, both the UTEX launch and the competition had to be put off. Please accept our apologies for this incident again.

However, this failure helped us work out the issues: considerably boost the performance and resistance of UTEX to loads as well as finish our work on its key features.

This week we launched the public beta testing of UTEX, letting our community of traders help us identify and eliminate the rest of the bugs.

After we are through with that, the exchange will be up and ready for the proper launch. It is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019. In addition, by the end of the year we will hold a competition. The prize money doesn’t change and will reach $100,000. Additionally, the prize money of the same amount can be claimed by those who participated in the spring competition. Also, we will introduce exchange commissions payment with UTT tokens. A lot of updates will be coming in the first half of next year.

Updated UTEX Roadmap

Q4 2019

  • Release of the key features of United Traders Exchange
  • New attempt to hold the competition after the issues are handled
  • Introduction of exchange commissions payment with UTT tokens

Q1 2020

  • Release of the applications for iPhone and Android
  • Introduction of 100 coins and tokens for trading
  • Release of the interface for professionals
  • Multilingual release
  • Connection of margin trading through Aurora
  • API release for algorithmic traders
  • Introduction of 1000 coins and tokens for trading

Q2 2020

Liquidity Improvement Program


The listing of the tokens of the startups that have held ICOson the UT Investment platform.