UTEX Public Beta Test begins! 

As we were developing and in-house testing UTEX, we added key features, locating and fixing some glitches along the way. The performance and loads resilience of the exchange have been significantly boosted. We are finally starting to invite users to test our platform.

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The main elements of UTEX are already in place: funds deposit and withdrawal, buying and selling of a range of assets (streamlined interface), transactions history and profile security settings. You can trade real coins. Please note that there may be malfunctions as you use the exchange.

How to receive an invitation

If you want to become an early user, submit your contacts in a special form on the UTEX main page (use the link below). We will be sending invitations by email gradually. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that everyone who submits a request on the site will receive invitations.

Why do I need to participate?

We offer the community of UT product users to help us develop UTEX. You benefit from the participation in the beta test because you get the opportunity to see the trading platform in action and use it but also find bugs and vulnerabilities. Your participation directly contributes to the development of the best cryptocurrency exchange.

How to make a positive contribution

We ask our users to use UTEX as actively as possible: deposit the account and withdraw funds, acquire various assets and trade as often as possible.

If you come across an error or bug, please contact the technical support about this. You will see its contacts in the beta testing invite email and on the UTEX website.

We will keep you posted on any further technical issue update from the team on Telegram, Twitter and YouTube.

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