In Progress. Edition 2: UTEX Mobile

Trading crypto on a mobile device is just as easy as on a desktop

Our last post revealed the UTEX features which are already in place: profile security settings, funds deposit and withdrawal, viewing transactions history and, most important, trading. The mobile version of UTEX is the highlight of the new edition of In Progress. UTEX Mobile keeps all the currently running features.

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There are two ways you can navigate the mobile version of UTEX:

— A horizontal menu at the bottom of every page for a quick switch between the sections of the search for coins, trade and accounts.

— A vertical menu that pops up when you click on the icon at the top right of the page. It contains the sections with transactions history, profile edit and security settings, increasing the limit on funds depositing and withdrawing, a form for contacting technical support, legal information and exit button.

Horizontal and vertical menus

Trading and transactions

UTEX Mobile is just as easy-to-use for trading as the desktop version. To start using it, select an asset and then go to its page.

The trading screen shows a coin price chart. Under the chart you see the buy and sell button. Every type of transaction features the current price for a coin (in dollars) that changes in real time.

To buy or sell, press the respective button, enter the amount and confirm the transaction.

Trading section (left) and the panel for entering the amount of an asset to trade (right)

The transactions history includes all trading transactions as well as funds deposit and withdrawal. In a separate tab you can view the transactions that haven’t yet been completed.

Transactions history

Deposit and withdrawals

A UTEX user can manage his or her accounts from a mobile device. For instance, you can check the current balance. In addition to displaying the balance for every coin, you can also see the price changing over the recent 24 hours (in percentage).

Users can now access the deposit feature, a handy option to use from your mobile device if you prefer a mobile cryptocurrency wallet. The withdrawal option is designed the same way as funds deposit: enter the amount, the recipient’s details and confirm the withdrawal with a one-time code.

User balance (in the middle), as well as options to deposit or withdraw funds

Profile security settings

To secure our users, we introduced two-step confirmation to protect your profile at login and funds withdrawal using a one-time code that you receive via email or generate with the help of Google Authenticator.

Two-step authentication preferences


The more you want to deposit your account and withdraw money, the more information and documents you need to submit. This is European law. There are three basic levels of limits on deposit and withdrawal. You can complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure and get a new level on the desktop and mobile version of UTEX.

KYC section

Profile registration, login and editing

You can now sign up or log in.

Registration and log in

The mobile version also allows you to edit your personal data: name, email address and password.

Editing user data

Customer support

The menu has a form for you to contact customer support via email or Telegram. When selecting this option, the user goes to the respective application with the contacts that have already been entered.

Support section

You’ve seen it for yourself: using UTEX on a mobile device is just as easy as on a desktop. We will keep improving the service. In particular, we are going to release the mobile application of the exchange for smartphones that run on iOS and Android. You will soon have an opportunity to see our stock exchange in action and use it: we’ll start inviting users to join its beta testing. Keep your eyes open for the upcoming announcement on the UT Media website as well as the Telegram channel.