UTEX Release Update

We’re back with UTEX Exchange release update.

In short, the exchange is launching in the next couple of weeks, the competition will be held 100% (tentatively in August), and a few good news regarding UTT token use will follow soon. Here are the details.

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UTEX to Launch in Early July

We’re on schedule: our team is busy improving server robustness in order to hold a tournament with tens of thousands of participants trading simultaneously. Operation of exchange’s production version requires no such server robustness (particularly at the very beginning), therefore we are soon opening access to everyone who wants to start trading on UTEX among the first.

Competition to Be Held in Late August

In late April we held a test launch of the exchange and promised to hold a tournament which failed due to technical difficulties. Back then we estimated that preparation for another tournament would take two months, but now our understanding is that we have to postpone it until late August.

We sincerely apologize to everyone who expected the competition in June. UTEX team has no second chance, therefore we want to be 100% sure the exchange is prepared to host several thousand contestants. The tournament will be held by all means, and the $100,000 prize pool remains at stake.

As of now, we’ve dispatched all Secret Boxes to the raffle participants during the SECTA Show, and we’re about to announce a few good news regarding UTT use. Stay tuned here on UT Media and in UT Community channel in Telegram.