Your Secret Boxes are About to Dispatch

We are giving away Secret Boxes to everyone who has complied with all the raffle conditions on April 25!

Friends, we have reviewed your Secret Box raffle submissions and excluded duplicate entries and those entries that do not meet the requirements.

Secret Boxes with SECTA Uniform items will be sent to everyone who has complied with the raffle conditions and has not deleted their posts since!

Let us remind you what raffle conditions were:

  1. Publish a photo with one of our interfaces in your social media accounts;
  2. Place hashtags #utex and/or #sectashow under your photo;
  3. Fill in the application form in Google Forms, including a link to your post, your Ethereum wallet address, and your email.

Now, please find your Ethereum wallet address in the table of winners and check your email — we will contact you to clarify your address and your desired clothing size for SECTA Uniform items.

ATTENTION! People with private Instagram accounts, here’s your second chance: if you participated in the raffle on April 25th, make your profile public and send us a direct message on Instagram today so that we can check your photo.

Thank you all for your support and participation in the raffle!