United! Traders! Exchange! GO!

The time has come, guys. UTEX is ready to launch!

To make sure you don’t miss the release and stay up-to-date on the developments:

Here are the details.

What is UTEX

UTEX (United Traders Exchange) is a reliable and easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange that enables traders to apply their experience and uncover potential of their professional skills to make money.

Legal Entity. UT Exchange OU incorporated in Estonia is licensed to perform cryptocurrency exchange and storage services. UT Exchange OU is compliant with the EU requirements governing personal data and anti-money laundering as well as with other regulations applicable to similar companies. A built-in KYC procedure in the UTEX interface is designed to verify compliance with these requirements.

Interface. UTEX has different interfaces for different groups of traders — beginners and professionals, discretionary and algorithmic traders — and features iOS and Android apps and adaptive browser version.

Instruments. UTEX is launching with a standard selection of traditional cryptocurrencies and altcoins, and their number will grow over time. Our ambitious plan is to enable traders and investors to deal in security tokens throughout their entire lifecycle.

Fiat currencies are supported from day one.

UTEX: Testing Together!

UTEX is undergoing the ultimate check in a global trading competition.

Everyone is invited to participate, and in particular those of you who’ve been watching us for a long time. After the competition, we’ll determine the launch date of United Traders Exchange.

Crypto Trading Competition

The unique competition kicks off at 5PM GMT on April 25.

Registration is now open on UTEX.io.

Participants will be able to trade cryptocurrencies for two hours using web platforms for beginners on desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Each competing trader starts with 30,000 Demo USD on their virtual account.

After the competition, we’ll determine 3,000 winners and award money prizes to those with the best trading performance.

Price quotes in the competition will be as close to the real market as possible, with the same market maker providing liquidity for both simulation and live trading from day one after the launch.

Also 100 randomly selected participants will receive prizes from SECTA.

Admission is absolutely free. Skills rule!

The SECTA Show

We’ll be covering the competition’s progress in The SECTA Show streamed on our YouTube Channels:

The show starts 30 minutes before the competition.


Anatoly Radchenko, co-founder of United Traders and New York Stock Exchange trader with 12 years of experience.

Andrew Work, a prominent host of Token 2049 and World Bank/IMF SME Finance Forum, co-founder of NexChange, the largest investor community in Asia and host of Healthtech O20 Summit.

Venue: SECTA community headquarters.

On the show:

Ambassadors of the global crypto movement will follow and comment on the competition’s progress. SECTA community and its flagship artefacts will be revealed for the first time. We’ll also have live interaction with the audience, raffle 100 Secret Boxes and entertain you with other surprises. The SECTA Show will turn your participation into an absolutely unique experience.

We are going to reveal more details about the upcoming events on YouTube — subscribe and get alerts for this week’s announcements and sign up for the competition on UTEX.io!