Crypto Horoscope

Something is definitely wrong in the cryptocurrency world. Everyone seems to be a bit tired of how serious it all has become: chaos, pain, and disappointment instead of an apartment in London and a red Lambo. Only a hotline for Bitcoin addicts can help. And before we launch such hotline with a placeholder name of «I bought Bitcoins for 20,000,» here is a stress-relieving cryptocurrency compatibility horoscope for you.

Learning which coin suits you best according to the horoscope may be exactly what you need right now. As a special treat, we visited Kelly von Schmunkel, the infamous and reputable astrologer, for the latest zodiac data. Go ahead and find your sign to see which coin is particularly destined for you.

Aries — IOTA

Those who come into the world under this star sign are tireless fighters and incorrigible optimists.
You are a geek (with particular interest in the Internet of Things stuff) and believe that kettles and microwave ovens with built-in Wi-Fi will change the world for the better. Your distinctive character trait is stubbornness, and you would definitely need it in your tireless fight against hacker attacks and spam.

Taurus — Ethereum

You were born to make this world a better place. You are open and willing to let everyone know about that mission of yours. Even a large loss of money or some criminals who identified and misused your vulnerabilities cannot shake your belief in yourself and in a better future.

Gemini — Bitcoin Cash

You have many faces and mood swings and are totally unpredictable. Today you are a fan of Bitcoin Cash, tomorrow you believe in Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. And who knows what would happen the day after tomorrow? That’s what neither Roger Ver, nor Craig Wright, nor even you have any idea about.

Cancer — EOS

Impulsiveness and sophisticated emotions are in your nature. While being young at heart and having no fear of failure, you are sure that any changes can be undone. You don’t strive to be the first, are willing to experiment, and watch achievements of others to improve yourself.

Leo — Bitcoin

Your royal nature and generous charisma make it easy to lead your followers. If you are in trouble, everyone is too. If you are on top, everyone is also aware of the fact. However, what’s going on inside you is a mystery even bigger than Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity.

Virgo — Ripple

You like everything to be fast and clear, however, in fact, you don’t. It’s difficult to grab your attention — you have a limited amount of emotional capital, and you are not going to spend it for no reason (especially on miners you hardly know). You love to be around the movers and shakers: that’s not to say you want to win their attention at all costs, but rather make an impression of a serious person.

Libra — Monero

You closely watch what’s going on around you and, while being not particularly excited about it, you accept things as they are: nothing ever changes and you’ve seen it all. Everyone is free to do anything they want — just mind your own business and have fun.

Scorpio — TRON

You are a complex and many-sided person who is fond of pleasure. Your second nature is traveling. You have many plans (stretching as far as 2027) that are very likely to be executed.

Sagittarius — Stellar

You are a nice person to talk to and can find common ground with virtually anyone. You are reliable and make long-term plans; however, you don’t like to wait and prefer things to happen right here and right now.

Capricorn — Tether

Stability is the word on your front door plate. Whatever happens, you remain in touch with reality. You are honest to yourself and everyone around you; you reasonably appraise your own ability and are meticulous about your bank account where you keep a fair amount of fiat money.

Aquarius — Litecoin

Everything is airy fairy and relaxed in your life. You are quick to make decisions and equally quickly to act upon them, and you know how to manage big money. You are ambitious but are unwilling to go all the way and fight for leadership. Why would you? Pleasures and top spots in various of lists and rankings easily come your way anyway.

Pisces — Dash

You are democratic and try to treat everyone equally but at the same time keep a look at the very best out there. Yet deep in your heart you know that you are much more practical than top idealists and prefer to wait through hard times behind someone else’s broad shoulders.