Telegram Rules the World: Step 3 — Pavel Durov

Currently, Telegram is somewhere in between two physical forms of the project: a messenger and a decentralized ecosystem. In order to understand why it happens this way, one needs to have an understanding of Telegram’s creator personality.

Telegram Rules the World: Step 2 — After ICO

One year ago Telegram raised $1.7 billion in ICO. Here’s what happened next.

Telegram Rules the World: Step 1 — ICO

The messenger was only the first step in creating a much more ambitious project. In a series of publications we are covering everything you should know about the project. The first article uncovers the details of the largest ICO ever.

Bitcoin’s 10th Anniversary

This January marked the 10th anniversary of a great moment in history when the first, the so-called «genesis block», containing 50 cryptocurrency units was mined in the Bitcoin blockchain. What went totally unnoticed ten years ago has spawned an entire series of events which evolved so much at this point as to impact certain aspects of the worldwide processes.

Crypto Horoscope

Something is definitely wrong in the cryptocurrency world. Everyone seems to be a bit tired of how serious it all has become: chaos, pain, and disappointment instead of an apartment in London and a red Lambo. Only a hotline for Bitcoin addicts can help. And before we launch such hotline with a placeholder name of «I bought Bitcoins for 20,000,» here is a stress-relieving cryptocurrency compatibility horoscope for you.